About ENSEAD Advisory

ENSEAD Advisory works with organizations across the private and public sector to think up and deliver Digital and other strategic IT improvements, specifically SAP related. ENSEAD is one of the best positioned Advisories to support IT management on SAP Strategy, Architecture, and Governance related topics. We for one stood at the cradle of SAP Enterprise Architecture.

ENSEAD Advisory has a deep understanding about what makes SAP Strategies, Architectures, and Governance structures best-in-class. We have the experience and expertise to put SAP Strategy into Action successfully.

We work with you to arrive at an optimal balance between the business demands for agility, value for money, and stable SAP operations.

ENSEAD Advisory works off industry standards complemented by SAP specifics and advanced ENSEAD insights.

Clients engage ENSEAD Advisory to answer key questions like:

  • How to best develop a Digital Business Strategy?
  • How to best align my IT estate to the (Digital) Business Strategy?
  • How to best deliver Digital Business Transformation?
  • What is the right IT investment for me and when?
  • Which (cloud) service provider can I best select?
  • Is my program on track to deliver the right quality?
  • How to best optimize and transform my IT organization?

ENSEAD Advisory works with you towards excellence in:

  • Digital Business Transformation;
  • Managing and assessing SAP-related investments;
  • Governing SAP-rich IT landscapes;
  • Defining and selecting SAP-rich solution alternatives;
  • Implementing SAP-rich solutions, and;
  • Running SAP-rich solutions.

You may first want to familiarise yourself with the company’s professionalism via ENSEAD Insights. These free publications can help you accelerate your decision making around many topics across the Solution & Services Lifecycle, particularly SAP. In need of further support? Discover what value ENSEAD Advisory has delivered to its clients already and explore how the company can add value to your organisation, for instance by using its unique Solution & Services Lifecycle Management Framework (SLIM-F).

Why should you engage with ENSEAD Advisory?

  • Trusted advisor to some of the largest and most reputed companies in the world;
  • Tangible results, identified and delivered millions of savings for clients already;
  • Deep knowledge of SAP, sourced from a private crowd;
  • Continually advancing the wheel by combining SAP knowledge with wide ranging and deep understanding of IT good practice and industry standards;
  • Affordable, as the firm is lean as can be and knows very little overhead;
  • Decades of experience shared through social media, and;
  • Subcontracted by tier one high-end consultancies like Gartner Consulting to bring specific knowledge and expertise to the table.

Contact us now to see how we can help.

Best-positioned to help you get and stay in control over your SAP-rich Solution Lifecycle. Impossible is just an opinion.