SLIM-F: Design & Build

The Solution Lifecycle Management Framework (SLIM-F) comprises four major stages. These stages lead you from inception to phase out of Services. The four stages are tied together and overseen by the Governance function (‘Govern’), positioned at the very heart of SLIM-F. Under ‘Govern’ you will find guidance on how to continually improve and quality assure the way work is done during the four value-focused stages. For Design & Build the main important things are the Project Management methodology, Solution Architecture, and Implementation Approach.

The Design & Build stage focus is on all aspects of shaping a Service: the globally standardized functionality, the localisations and, often overlooked, the adjecent functionality. Main topics are:

  • Requirements Management
  • Solution Architecture
  • Business functionality
  • Data Management
  • Technical Platform
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Integration
  • Testing, up to Integrated Testing

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