Jeff’s Journey towards a Digital Business


Jeff C. Brightlight (37) is a Divisional CIO at $15B Fictious Ltd. As requested by the Board Jeff and his team embark on a journey towards a Digital Business. They discover the importance of adjusted Governance and Delivery Models, a cross-domain Leadership Platform, progressed Talent Development, and a fit-for-purpose IT landscape. For the latter part Jeff has himself updated by his Enterprise Architect Anton d’Entamico on the Digital Core PoC, covering AWS, SAP HEC, SAP S/4HANA 1511, Central Finance (cFin), SAP MDG, and SAP HCP. What’s the role of sexy Cindy, assistant to the Board? Will Fictious survive as a business in the Digital arena, and, will Jeff win his much-desired CIO of the Year award…?

View the story here and let me know what you’d like to have Jeff explain further.

– Mendel

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